A play on space, color, and light.

The client had come across built work by Gottsmann Architects which he felt contextually appropriate to the proposed project. After listening to the client’s requests, Gottsmann Architects were tasked to design a contemporary farmhouse employing strong design elements and the use of various textures and vibrant materials.

The property saw multiple members of the Skyfall Construction team work on the project and bring it to reality. From conception through to design development, detailing for construction and the delivery of such it required a great deal of design input and project role players to ensure the project is brought to completion.

During the construction of the project, Skyfall had encountered some obstacles but through further investigation and development, refined solutions were found for the various aspects of the project.

The project features several unique features from the wooden screens and cladding to the minimalist water feature to name a few. Ultimately the design is a composition of curious and refined detailing, good flow, and open interactive spaces.

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