House 3132 Waterfall

House VB is a contemporary styled family affair, located within Waterfall Country Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa. This home was built by Skyfall Construction to ground the viewer to our roots with nature by creating a home that is as aesthetic as it is, functional and environmentally friendly. An intangible bond between humanity and the African landscape was coaxed into being by its designers, Gottsmann Architects. TheĀ  sleek exterior of the dwelling dissolves into its landscape by means of large cavity sliding doors only to reciprocate the free flowing elements of nature within by means of garden atriums, courtyards and its open plan spatial arrangements. The delicate integration of timber livens the home and creates a salient contrast and delightful unity between the dark grey colour palette and the landscape. The unconstricted ground floor area is perfectly suited to the active family that resides within while creating a light and comfortable retreat on the first floor to allow for uttermost relaxation.

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